Everyone knows parenting isn’t easy. But for Sweatpants, the job gets completely out of hand when they’re faced with an inconsolable baby, some vague advice—and a mysterious and mystical creature who may not have their best interests at heart.

SWEATPANTS is a collaborative circus show that’s currently in the research phase. This performance features two excerpts of a modern fairy tale written by Sal Sawler and workshopped by Vanessa Furlong.

40 MIN (Breakdown: 5 min touch tour, 20 min action, 10 min talkback and networking break)


Sweatpants: Vanessa Furlong

Khakis: Laura Selenzi

Judgy: Rachele Manett

Judgy’s Minions: Torin, Ava, Marina, Maddi Adams

Street Traffic: April Hubbard, Laura Selenzi, Torin, Ava, Marina, Maddi Adams

Narration: April Hubbard

Tech: Steph Kincade


We offer a pre-show touch tour for Blind and partially sighted audience members, as well as ASL for our narration.

There are two wheelchair seats available at the back row of the Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage.



We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. We also appreciate the support of Atlantic Cirque, Neptune Theatre, Amy of Embrace Doula, consultant Amanda Leduc, and Halifax Fringe.

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