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Looking for one of my books? You’ll find my latest titles below, along with links to the stores where people most commonly purchase North American books. Before you click, though, I have a favour to ask.

If you’re lucky enough to have an independent bookstore in your town or city, please consider supporting them instead of buying from a big chain store. If they don’t have my books in stock, just ask—most indie bookstores are more than happy to order them in. And of course, you can always borrow or request them from your local library!

written By sal Sawler

Illustrated by Emma FItzgerald

When the Ocean Came to Town

Gretchen loves the ocean. She dreams of going to the beach on her own, with no one to make her leave before she’s ready. But between whispers of oil, plastic, and a rising sea, her parents warn her not to underestimate the strength of the water. A great storm is coming and everyone, big and small, must prepare to meet it when it does.

Gretchen soon sees the ocean’s power firsthand when the tides rise high enough to threaten her home. Can she help her neighbours rebuild after the storm is over, or is the damage too great?

With a strong message of community-building and climate activism, this charming debut children’s picture book from celebrated author Sal Sawler and award-winning illustrator Emma FitzGerald will inspire young readers to rebuild better, together.

My Books

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